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Rainbow Embossed Hologram Sticker h013.


Stock image tamper-evident hologram sticker from PVC. Has words playing in rainbow colors 'GUARANTEED', 'INVALID IF REMOVED', 'ORIGINAL'. David's Star with microtext 'GENUINE' centered.

Square 15*15 millimeters.

Color: silver - available,
transparent, gold, blue - upon request.
Dimensions are in millimeters (mm).
1 inch = 25.4 mm. 1mm =0.04 inch.

This sticker is hard to counterfeit, though it is available for everyone and it is not counterfeit-protected ware after the Criteria of the Government of Russia.
Each numbered hologram sticker has its unique number. We never remake these numbers.
In fact the sticker has no words "www.hologram.ru" on it.




Pressure Tamper Evident.
The sticker can be used only ones. When being unsticked, the sticker is being broken down into pieces of transparent thin PET film in hands and jelly-like hologram foil on surface. It is impossible to put them together again.


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