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Rainbow Embossed Hologram Sticker k9906.

George the Victorious On Shield And Words "Moscow" In Cyrillic.
Stock image hologram sticker from PVC. George the Victorious On Shield image in rainbow colors. Backed by microtext pattern from words "Moskva" in cyrillic.

Square 18*18 mm.

Color: silver

Dimensions are in millimeters (mm).
1 inch = 25.4 mm. 1mm =0.04 inch.

This sticker is hard to counterfeit, though it is available for everyone and it is not counterfeit-protected ware after the Criteria of the Government of Russia.
Each numbered hologram sticker has its unique number. We never remake these numbers.
In fact the sticker has no words "www.hologram.ru" on it.



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